Our Staff

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Educational   Staff:
Gulyas, Belinda Principal
Cropper, Bess Curriculum Resource Teacher
Brooks, Diana Instructional Coach
Atwood, Liz Classroom Teacher
Blevins, Valerie Classroom Teacher
Donnelly, Courtney Classroom Teacher
Hancock, Kerrie Classroom Teacher
Holland, Karen Classroom Teacher
Lankford, Mary Classroom Teacher
Morris, Kristin Classroom Teacher
Powell, Lauren Classroom Teacher
Radford, Vickie Classroom Teacher
Redden, Tiffany Classroom Teacher
Wootten, Sarah Classroom Teacher
Lampman, Mary Beth Art/Music Teacher
Johnson, Zak Physical Education Teacher
Related Services Staff:
Cohee, Julie Occupational Therapist
Miller, Tanya Physical Therapist
Flemming, Kim School Psychologist
Bradford, Amy Speech Pathologist
Bodley, Elizabeth Speech Pathologist Assistant
Figgs, Amy Educational Interpreter
Educational Support Staff:
Broadwater, Curtis Educational Assistant
Cohen, Shannon Educational Assistant
Godwin, Susan Educational Assistant
Hughes, Joycelyn Educational Assistant
Marks, Keeley Educational Assistant
McCabe, Dawn Educational Assistant
Milles, Sheila Educational Assistant
Pendleton, Annie Educational Assistant
Philavanh, Susan Educational Assistant
O’Neil, Karen Educational Assistant
Richardson, Shanelle Educational Assistant
Sterlin, Susan Educational Assistant
Taylor, Erin Educational Assistant
Taylor, Tangee Educational Assistant
Tedder, Shauna Educational Assistant
Tingle, Danielle Educational Assistant
Toulotte, Lois Educational Assistant
Vreeland, Gwen Educational Assistant
Office Staff:
Fairman, Tracy Administrative Assistant
Rittershofer, Kathy School Nurse
Miller, Carole School Nurse
Trotter, Lori Technology Coach
Williams, Amy School Safety Deputy
Building Service Providers:
Scruggs, Jerone Lead Custodian
Taylor, Stephane Custodian
Transportation Staff:
Abbott, Dale Bus Driver
Adams, Teresa Bus Driver
Hastings, Carol Bus Driver
Hastings, Mark Bus Driver
Hudson, Alan Bus Driver
Warren, Eddie Bus Driver
Bishop, MaryLou Bus Assistant
Johnson, LuAnn Bus Assistant
Hudson, Quinesha Bus Assistant
Miller, Suzanne Bus Assistant
Violante, Jo Ann Bus Assistant
Wallace, Mary Bus Assistant
Collick, Lachelle LTS- Bus Assistant

Staff Resources:

Email (in county)

Email (out of county/wireless)

PowerSchool Teacher (in county)

PowerSchool Teacher (out of county)

PowerSchool Admin (in county)

PowerSchool Admin (out of county)

Kickboard Teacher Access

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